Our ambition

Agrifreez  aims to produce high-quality, accessible vegetables grown with respect for the land and, more broadly, for the environment.

The earth is a living environment that must be protected.

Agrifreez commits to

Placing the customer at the centre of its concerns in order to satisfy them in terms of quality/quantity and delivery times.

Ensuring food safety and compliance with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.

Guaranteeing the authenticity of its products, even if vegetables are not very sensitive to adulteration. Authenticity is an integral part of its core values.

Continuously improving the site's performance and the skills of its employees to enable it to grow.

Providing the means to prevent safety and environmental risks.

Food safety certification

Since 2012, Agrifreez has been BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) certified.

Two highly demanding standards in terms of food safety.

BIO certification

In 2012, Agrifreez decided to become certified to offer organic products.

Fruits and Vegetables from France

The aim of the “Fruit & Vegetables of France” logo is to help consumers identify products grown, harvested, prepared, and/or packaged in France,  allowing them to visually identify the product's origin, which is mandatory on the shelves for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The main production and packaging stages are:

Production: washing, removing stones, cutting, trimming, optical sorting, inspection, blanching, deep-freezing
Packaging: grading/screening, optical sorting, inspection, metal detection, bagging, sacking, cartoning, palletising
Storage and Dispatch: vegetables are stored in our warehouses before being dispatched to our customers

of frozen vegetables

of vegetables

and dispatch

Our engagements

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